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Utterance (2021)

Bass Flute, Drum Kit, and Double Bass

ca. 8 minutes

Written for Choreographers and Composers, The Juilliard School

In collaboration with Connor Freeman, choreographer


Premiere: November 2021 at Wilson Theatre, The Juilliard School. Performed by Audrey Emata, Taylor Abbitt, and Zachary Adleman. Soloist Dancers: Sophia Frilot and Madison Goodman. 

(Performance begins at 40:54)

Program Notes

to utter- vocalize, so as to intend, to express.


What does it mean to ‘utter’ as a dancer, as a musician, in a performance space?


In Utterance, Connor Freeman (choreographer) and I explore the various ‘utterances’ of the dance and musical personas on stage: their intentions, their emotions, and their relation to one another, all melded into a whirlpool of shifting states: of individualism, collectivism, and anonymity; of curiosity, frustration, and obsession; of integration and disintegration.

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