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Through us from which language speaks (2023)

for 13 instrumentalists and their voices. 

1/bfl 1 1/bcl 0 – 0 1 1 0 – 2perc – piano – 2 1 1 1

ca. 10 minutes

Commissioned by Lucerne Festival

Premiere: International Ensemble Modern Academy and conductor Michelle Di Russo at Lucerne KKL in August 2023 as part of Lucerne Festival.

Received the 2024 BMI Composer Award

Program Note


The self is fundamentally split between inside and outside, internal and external.


Your voice and your language are simultaneously possessed by you and possessing you.


As you are manipulating language to form sentences and manipulating voice to gesture emotional-aesthetic states, the vocal expression and language too is manipulating you.


Am I what I internally conceived of or what externally influences me?

Are we speaking the language or is language speaking through us? 

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