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insects (2021)

2 Violins, Viola, Cello

ca. 7 minutes​ 30 seconds


Written ​for New Music On The Point

Premiere: JACK Quartet in June 2021

Program Note

the swarming collective creating, making, illuminating interlocking and successive sounds that are not immediately pleasant nor unpleasant, at times elegant and at times coarse.


sounds of a haze, blurring into its surroundings, sounds of clarity, of a repetitive, mechanical tingling, of -


enchanted was I, a three-year-old little human being looking into the flowers and trees and grasses and mountains and lakesides of my chilldhood home. a dedication of countless afternoons by the garden's baby's breath observing the buzzing of honeybees, by the lake bordering our village looking for the blue green orange red dragonflies, by the tea tree fields discovering preying mantis and crickets hiding beneath......


they are the intricate coinhabitants of our planet, that which simultaneously fascinates and alienates -



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