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Liminal/ity (2021)


ca. 8 minutes​

Premiere: Jeffrey Zeigler in April 2021

Program Note


Liminality, n. (OED)

o A transitional or indeterminate state between culturally defined stages of a person’s life. Such a state

occupied during a ritual or rite of passage, characterized by a sense of solidarity between participants.

Liminal, adj. (OED)

o That has the lowest amount necessary to produce a particular effect; minimal; insignificant.

o Of or relating to a limen, relating to the point beyond which a sensation becomes too faint to

be experienced.


o The relation to, or quality of, being transitional

o The morphing between two/multiple states (of temporality, space, or of being)

o The ambiguification and disintegration of binaries

o Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary(s) or threshold(s)

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