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Sofia Ouyang Composition Portfolio

In case the score PDF and YouTube links do not load, all materials can be accessed here

1) Through us from which language speaks 

for large ensemble

Written in 2023

Duration: ca. 10 minutes

Commissioned by Lucerne Festival as part of Lucerne Festival Composer Seminar 2023



Performed at KKL Luzern as part of Lucerne Festival Composer Seminar final concert in August 2023.

Performed by International Ensemble Modern Academy:

Phoebe Bognár, flute and bass flute;  Jeanne Degos, oboe;  Drew Gilchrist, clarinet and bass clarinet;  Jens Bracher, trumpet;  Michael Martinez, trombone;  Jaroslav Novosyolov, piano;  Ying-Chen Chuang, percussion;  Aya Masui, percussion;  Miria Sailer, violin;  Veronika Paleeva, violin;  Miho Kawai, viola;  Katarina Leskovar, cello;  Riverton Alves, double bass;  Michelle Di Russo, conductor

2) return to root

for soprano, flutes (C flute and bass flute), percussion, fixed-media electronics, and video

Written in 2022

Duration: ca. 14 minutes

Written for the BluePrint Fellowship with Juilliard School and National Sawdust



Performed at National Sawdust in February 2022.

Performed by National Sawdust Ensemble:

Isabel Lepanto Gleicher, flutes;   Brittany Hewitt, soprano;  Sae Hashimoto, percussion

Recorded improvisations by Claire Chase and Brittany Hewitt

Video-art in collaboration with Sydney Chawon Lee, visual artist.

3) insects

for string quartet

Written in 2021

Duration: ca. 7 minutes 30 seconds

Written for JACK Quartet as part of New Music On The Point



Performed at New Music On The Point in June 2021

Performed by JACK Quartet:

Christopher Otto, violin;  Austin Wulliman, violin;  John Pickford Richards, viola;  Jay Campbell, cello

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