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Return to root is a multi-disciplinary project involving the elements of language, music notation, electronically-processed improvisations, video-art, and photography. It attempts to  decreate the poem of the same title written by the composer. The words themselves are taken apart and scattered throughout, existing in fragments of sounds. Through this process, the original poem is destabilized, subverted, and new meanings unfold.



Winner of Columbia University Douglas Moore Prize

MAY 16, 2023

Sofia is the recipient of Columbia University's 2023 Douglas Moore Prize: "awarded annually to a junior undergraduate composer who, in the opinion of the Faculty, has produced outstanding work in serious composition for smaller forms."

Winner of 2023 BMI Composer Award

MAY 16, 2023

Sofia is one of six winners of the 71st BMI Composer Award for her orchestral composition "As if sharing a joke with nothingness"

BluePrint Fellowship

MAY 2021 - FEBRUARY 2022

Sofia works closely with National Sawdust and Claire Chase to create and premiere a work for flute, voice, percussion, fixed-media electronics, and video-art. watch here


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