TO BE (2022)
For Piano, Violin, and Cello. Performed by Trio Immersio. Premiered at ICEBERG Institute, Vienna, Austria.
return to root (2022)
For Flutes, Soprano, Percussion, Recorded Improvisation on Fixed-Media Electronics, and Video-Art. Video-Art in collaboration with Sydney Lee, visual artist. Performed by Isabel Gleicher, Brittany Hewitt, and Sae Hashimoto, Improvisations by Claire Chase and Brittany Hewitt. Premiered at National Sawdust, Brooklyn, February, 2022. 
Utterance (2021)
For Bass Flute, Double Bass, Drum Kit, and solo Dancer. In collaboration with Connor Freeman, choreographer. Performed by Audrey Emata, Taylor Abbitt, and Zachary Adleman. Soloist Dancers: Sophia Frilot and Madison Goodman. Premiered at Wilson Theater, The Juilliard School, November, 2021. (Performance begins at 40:54)

Xi ·(2021)

For Pipa and Xiao . Commissioned by Chinese Style Music Composition Workshop by Bard Conservatory US-China Institute. Performed by Yimin Miao and Zhou Yi on July, 2021. 

Insects (2021)
For String Quartet . Commissioned by New Music On The Point. Performed by the JACK Quartet on June 2021.
Fractured Frenzy: Miniatures for Pierrot (2019)
For Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano. Performed by Ji Young Kim, Juliyan Martinez, Raina Arnett, Michael Cantu, Ryan Jung, and Molly Turner (Conductor) on February, 2021.
String Quartet No.1 (2019)
For String Quartet. Commissioned by Atlantic Music Festival, Premiered by AMF Contemporary Ensemble on August, 2019. . 


Liminal/ity (2021)
For Cello. Written for Columbia University's Undergraduate Composition Seminar. Premiered by Jeffrey Zeigler on April 2021. 
Micro Sonic Sketches (2021)
I. White Keys Only 
For Piano. Premiered by Janet Phang on January 2021. 
II. Mental Activities
For Non-Singer Voice. Premiered by Sofia Ouyang on February 2021. 
a bungle of ambiguities (2020)
For Violin. Commissioned by Curtis Young Artist Summer Program. Premiered by Juliette Kang on August 2020. 
Variations on a Chinese Folk Tune (2020)
For Piano. Commissioned and premiered by Cornelia Herrmann. Received the 2021 BMI Student Composer Award Honorable Mention.